boot problems on pseries

Olaf Hering olaf at
Wed Aug 23 08:35:29 EST 2006

On Tue, Aug 22, dtutty at wrote:

> Boot failures:
> 	1.	CD not recognized as bootable, so use OF manually.
> 	2.	OF manually will boot yaboot.
> 	3.	yaboot doesn't find its config in the /etc directory
> 		of the cd, nor in the / directory of the CD with the
> 		yaboot executable.
> 	4.	when manually from yaboot attempt to boot a kernel
> 		image, get either:
> 			b)	incorrect ELF format
> 				(something like that, I wasn't there
> 				when the tech got that one)
> 			c)	not a valid kernel image
> At no point do I get any indication that the linux kernel has had a
> chance to try booting; it doesn't get that far.

I havent seen that sort of error, maybe a bad burn.

> I'll look at SuSE and see if there's a free-download of a boot floppy.

You can try to boot the inst32 file via the network. Make sure to fix
the ARP entry for the H50 on the tftp server, like 'arp -s MAC' can also be used. Rename yaboot.cnf to yaboot.conf so yaboot
will be able to download it.

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