boot problems on pseries

dtutty at dtutty at
Mon Aug 21 03:00:56 EST 2006


I'm switching from an IBM 486 and purchasing an IBM H50 (7026-H50), so
I'm new to the PPC.  My vendor wants to ensure that it boots linux
before he ships it.  I burned and sent him a few different distro CDs to
try and none boot.  We can get yaboot to boot then get stuck at the
yaboot command line and can't get futher.  As a fall-back, I was hoping
to use OF to boot the kernel directly and get a kernel-panic when it
can't find init but we can't get that far either.  The error message
'claim failed' is returned immediatly with no indication that the kernel
tried to start.

I'm told by several people that the H50 is the same as the F50 in a
different format and that the F50 is known to work.  Since the task at
hand is to get any linux to boot and not to actually install linux, I
need a kernel that will boot.  Even a simple boot-floppy set would be

Does anyone have a link to a boot/root floppy set that will work?

Hardware details:  IBM 7026-H50, 256 MB ram, dual PPC 604e 332 MHz, 9.1
GB HD in Bay 2, standard CD-ROM, PowerGXT130P graphics accelerator.


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