[PATCH] Gunzip call fix for PPC kernel images >4MB

Dan Malek dan at embeddedalley.com
Fri Aug 18 02:09:56 EST 2006

On Aug 17, 2006, at 1:04 AM, Tom Rini wrote:

> The arch/ppc/boot code makes some assumptions such as that 4MB-8MB  
> (except
> on 40x which is end of the wrapper code to 8MB, and BOOT_LOAD defaults
> to 4MB here) is free to use for malloc()'ing for the inflate routine.
> It also assumes that the vmlinux.gz will live at BOOT_LOAD + a bit,  
> when
> the wrapper is set to kick off linux.

First, why do you have a 4 MB kernel?

Second, another bit of luck is that most processors rely on
the boot information passed to be in the lower 8M of memory.
There are many comments about this in the initialization code,
I don't know how many processors actually rely on this.  So,
if you allow large kernels to be loaded into memory, there should
be some test to ensure we still have space for these boot
parameters, however they are passed.


	-- Dan

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