ehea debug output discussion

Jan-Bernd Themann ossthema at
Mon Aug 14 22:38:50 EST 2006


Anton Blanchard wrote:
> What is going to be done about the debug infrastructure in the ehea
> driver? The entry and exit traces really need to go, and any other debug
> you think is important to users needs to go into debugfs or something
> similar.
> I see a similar issue in the ehca driver that I am in the middle of
> reviewing.
> Anton

This is a statement for the eHEA driver:

Most of the debug outputs are redundant and we'll remove them
(EDEB_EN / EDEB_EX). We can use the standard mechanism for ethernet devices
(netif_msg_x) in most functions of ehea_main.c as we have the device struct
as a parameter available. However, some debug output mechanism is needed
where the standard mechanism does not work (functions that have no relation
to the dev struct do not have a dev parameter, for example
ehea_hcall_9arg_9ret in ehea_phyp.h)

The outcome of some internal discussions was that it is not acceptable for
our enterprise users of this type of driver on this target system to need a
recompile / reload of the driver for error analysis, so we need a mechanism
that allows us to switch on / off debug output at runtime. Therefore, we'd
introduce a stripped down version of EDEB.


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