[PATCH 0/2]: powerpc: Cpu init cleanups

Olof Johansson olof at lixom.net
Fri Aug 11 15:01:59 EST 2006


Attached are two patches to cleanup the cpu inits a bit. First one just
renames cpu_setup_power4.S to cpu_setup_ppc970.S, since that's really
what it contains. No functional changes at all in there to simplify

Second patch renames some of the setup functions, and make the restore
functions come of the cputable instead of being hardcoded. Current setup
makes it awkward to add new cpus without editing the ppc970 setup/restore
functions or add more PVR checks in the assembly, which would be nice
to avoid. Only the really early one is still needed in assembly, since
cputables have not yet been setup at that point.

Earlier patch submission was all baked together, which makes it harder
to review and tell what is new and not.

Boot tested on PowerMac and POWER5. Please consider for 2.6.19 merge



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