RFC: Location for Device Tree Sources?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Aug 10 05:17:58 EST 2006

In message <1155139501.17187.76.camel at localhost.localdomain> you wrote:
> Well, I would still like something else. For example, I'm vendor NetFoo
> selling network appliances (ADSL modems, routers, wireless APs, ...).
> I want my devices to have a firmware that pass a DT to the kernel. That
> DT is bolted into the firmware. In fact, it could be separate flash
> blocks (especially if the flash has some small blocks) from the actual
> firmware code but that does not really matter.
> That way, I can distribute and maintain a single kernel image update
> package as part of my software update/maintainance solution.

Understood. Why not? Such a szeario has been discussed  before,  too.
Of  course  a  split set of kernel and DT images has to be supported,
too. The proposed solution was  to  extend  the  "bootm"  command  to
accept a 3rd parameter, the DT address:

	bootm <kernel_addr> <ramdisk_addr> <dt_addr>

<dt_addr> is optional, and '-' can be used when no ramdisk  is  used.
Something like that ...

> It's not _the_ only solution but it's something that I think should be
> considered.

Of course.

> Now as far as having an official repository for the .dts files of boards
> supported by the kernel, I suppose indeed that the kenrel tree is an as
> good location as anything else.

Fine. Thanks.

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