booting with BootX corrupts memory

Niels Kristian Bech Jensen nkbj at
Wed Aug 9 14:00:24 EST 2006

 On Tue, Aug  1, Olaf Hering wrote:

> Booting an old Mac with BootX corrupts memory, the kernel seldom gets
> into init. Even the built-in initramfs archive gets corrupted. So far I
> havent figured out where the corruption starts. The only data point so
> far is that a passed initrd gets overwritten with stuff that looks like
> part of the device-tree after the call to free_area_init_node() from
> paging_init(). Perhaps the virtual/real address mapping isnt handled
> correctly.

> This is broken since at least 2.6.15, 2.6.14 dies very early, 2.6.13 was
> still ok.

> Symptoms differ, depending on used .config and wether an initrd is passed.

I think I've been hit by this bug on my beige G3 running Ubuntu Edgy.

When booting with initrd the boot process stops before any kernel output (CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT is not enabled). Booting without initrd works fine - at least until it cannot find the root filesystem driver. ;-)

Anything I can do to help debug this?

Niels Kristian Bech Jensen

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