[PATCH] SLB shadow buffer

Michael Neuling mikey at neuling.org
Sun Aug 6 11:27:38 EST 2006

> The SLB shadow buffer is a pure software construct recording the required 
> segment translations.  Registering a the shadow buffer informs the 
> hypervisor which entries are required when switching partitions, and may 
> allow it to recover the partition from a hardware error. 

What Milton said.  It's a high availability feature.

We can register volatile and persistent SLBs with PHYP.  PHYP will
invalidate volatile entries and replace persistent entries if it sees a
problem with them.  

Here I've only registered the 3 persistent (bolted) SLBs, as the
volatile SLBs can be handled with SLB faults in the kernel.


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