[PATCH 5/6] bootwrapper: Add support for the DINK firmware

Mark A. Greer mgreer at mvista.com
Thu Aug 3 04:14:22 EST 2006

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 09:19:34AM -0700, Tom Rini wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 04:14:21PM -0700, Mark A. Greer wrote:
> > This patch adds the firmware operations that support the DINK firmware
> > from Freescale.
> This isn't really DINK support (which would mean actually talking
> back/with DINK,

You seem to be thinking that this is the final, end-all solution to
everything.  It isn't.  Its a step in the direction that we are trying
go (IIUC).  dink.c is about the easiest one there will be.  of.c has a
slightly more complicated fw_ops.  We still need to figure out what uboot
needs and what PIBS needs and what...

As things are added, it'll evolve.

> parsing the infos that it does pass along, and it does,
> iirc,

Not that I know of.

> but I don't recall if it's at all ever correct / useful :)) but
> just a, um, I suck at naming things (see arch/ppc/boot/simple) but
> non-nonsense, no help 'firmware' ops.  Please think up a name that
> doesn't suck (as a name I would come up with would).  Thanks!

Guess I suck too b/c I can't think of anything better.  As things
evolve, fw_ops may go away all together.  The problem is, I'm not
exactly sure where we're going to end up so this is the best that
I can do with the info that I have.


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