linux USB host problem

robinpv robinpv at
Wed Aug 2 15:29:14 EST 2006

  I am using linux for MPC5200 based platorm. It has PCI based USB Host (SM501 chip)
  I am facing problem in the USB host interrupts. When i plug in the USB i get the
below message.

new full speed USB device using vgxfb and address 2.
vgxfb 0000:00:10.0: Unlink after no-IRQ?  Controller is probably using the
wrong IRQ.

the capture of /pci/interrupts is
  1:          0   MPC52xx   Level     ohci_hcd:usb1
  7:        751   MPC52xx   Level     eth0
 40:       7899   MPC52xx   Level     mpc52xx_psc_uart
BAD:          0

The device address is assigned but after that interrupt is not coming.
After that if i unplug and plugin there is no notification.
the sm501 chip in which USB host is there, is connected on PCI bus.
The PCI mapping is as follows

        static char pci_irq_table[][4] =
             *      PCI IDSEL/INTPIN->INTLINE
             *        A      B      C      D
                {PIRQA, PIRQA, PIRQA, PIRQA},   /* SM501 */
                {PIRQD, PIRQD, PIRQD, PIRQD},   /* IDE */
                {PIRQC, PIRQC, PIRQC, PIRQC},   /* Ethernet */
                {PIRQB, PIRQB, PIRQB, PIRQB},   /* Bridge */
        const long min_idsel = 16, max_idsel = 18, irqs_per_slot = 4;
        return PCI_IRQ_TABLE_LOOKUP;

I tried with acpi=off, but in vain.
Can some give inputs on this how to proceed.

Thanks & Regards,

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