[PATCH 1/6] bootwrapper: arch/powerpc/boot code reorg

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Wed Aug 2 14:53:47 EST 2006

Mark A. Greer writes:

> Abstract the operations used in the bootwrapper.  The operations
> have been divided up into platform ops (platform_ops), firware ops
> (fw_ops), device tree ops (dt_ops), and console ops (console_ops).

Overall the approach looks good.

The ops structure seems like a reasonable concept, but I question
whether we need to have platform_ops separate from fw_ops, since the
firmware is essentially part of the implementation of the platform.
Also I don't see why we need to do a double indirection to get to each
ops function.

Also, we will probably want to create some directory structure under
arch/powerpc/boot in the longer term.

> +#ifdef __powerpc64__
> +typedef unsigned long		u64;
> +#else
> +typedef unsigned long long	u64;
> +#endif

This is potentially confusing, because the __powerpc64__ relates to
the boot wrapper not the kernel, and we don't build a 64-bit boot
wrapper on any platform (not yet anyway).  Maybe this needs a comment.


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