Clock running fast on Mac Mini?

Mich Lanners mlan at
Tue Apr 25 07:37:42 EST 2006

Hello all,

I have a problem on my Mac Mini with the kernel clock, which is running

In fact, it is gaining 10 ms every 5 seconds, as can be seen here, with
ntpdate called every 5 seconds:

owl:~# while true; do ntpdate -u; sleep 5; done
24 Apr 23:14:17 ntpdate[2601]: adjust time server offset 0.151197 sec
24 Apr 23:14:22 ntpdate[2607]: adjust time server offset 0.160348 sec
24 Apr 23:14:28 ntpdate[2613]: adjust time server offset 0.170311 sec
24 Apr 23:17:15 ntpdate[2813]: adjust time server offset 0.489635 sec
24 Apr 23:17:20 ntpdate[2819]: adjust time server offset 0.499386 sec
24 Apr 23:17:25 ntpdate[2825]: step time server offset 0.509342 sec
24 Apr 23:17:31 ntpdate[2831]: adjust time server offset 0.013693 sec
24 Apr 23:17:36 ntpdate[2837]: adjust time server offset 0.021668 sec

and so on.

This is with ntpd stopped, after a fresh boot with /etc/adjtime removed
to make sure hwclock is not falsly tuning the kernel timekeeping (I did
this because I once had a 2.6.16 kernel running, where clock problems
have been reported. I thought that may have falsified ntp's drift file
and/or hwclock's /etc/adjtime).

All this is with a 2.6.15 kernel.

My Alu powerbook with a 2.6.15 kernel does not show this problem.

Anybody know what's up?

Thanks, and cheers


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