[PATCH] kdump-image-rm-static

David Wilder dwilder at us.ibm.com
Tue Apr 11 08:30:58 EST 2006

I am posting three patches (in separate emails) to both these lists.    
The 2nd and 3d patches have dependencies on the first patch that I have 
attached to this email (changing a static to non-static).  This patch 
applies to generic code where the other two are powerpc specific. Please 
pick up these patchs.

On powerpc, the panic CPU sends an IPI to shoot down other CPUs. Since 
the IPI is not an NMI, it may not be able to stop all CPUs before kdump 
boot. However, one solution could be, if some CPUs are not stopped, 
asking the user to activate soft-reset (either from management console 
or pressing soft-reset button) which sends FW NMI to all CPUs. These 
CPUS will execute arch specific kdump func which has to be invoked 
machine_kexec() directly. At present, kexec_crash_image is not passed to 
machine_crash_shutdown() or defined as static in kexec.c.

David Wilder
IBM Linux Technology Center
Beaverton, Oregon, USA 
dwilder at us.ibm.com

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