PATCH powerpc: Merge asm-ppc*/sections.h

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Fri Sep 16 03:28:18 EST 2005

On Sep 15, 2005, at 6:09 AM, Paul Mackerras wrote:

> Jon Loeliger writes:
>> In the Grand Scheme of Things, removing things and making them
>> simpler seems a lofty goal. :-)   Anyone know of any pitfalls that
>> await me if I try to remove these sections, a la pmac and friends?
> You'll probably get most objection from the PReP users, for whom
> getting back a few hundred kB is a big deal.  (Maybe we should just
> buy both of them a G5 or something. 8-)

If they care that much they should submit a patch to build a PReP  
specific kernel that doesn't include this stuff.  And while you are  
buying G5's for people send one my way :)

I vote that we just get ride of this sections stuff for prep, pmac,  
of, chrp and if we want to reduce the code size make it a compile  
choice to build specific kernel's that dont include the crap that the  
others need.  (especially based on the numbers that Jon has posted  
for size).

- kumar

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