[PATCH] ppc32: add CONFIG_HZ

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at freescale.com
Fri Sep 9 00:11:49 EST 2005

> Yep.
> Kumar, can you please change your patch to make CONFIG_8xx use 100Hz?
> There was a significant performance increase from doing that (vs  
> 1000Hz)
> on a 48Mhz 8xx with small cache.

I'd be happy to, but I'm not 100% sure how to get the Kconfig system  
to do that on a sub-arch case.  Right now the default is 250Hz based  
on the global kernel/Kconfig.hz.  If we want we can effectively  
replicate the Kconfig.hz functionality into arch/ppc/Kconfig which  
would give us more flexibility but I'd prefer not to do that.

Idea's on how to solve this are welcome.

- kumar

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