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Dear Sir/Madam,
It's our pleasure to send the business letter to your esteemed company. We are a professional trading company in 
China. In the past ten years, our grain and oil machinery were exported   to many countries and areas in the world 
,and have won a good reputation from our customers .
I am very glad to get the e-mail address by Internet. So we specially introduce  our oil press equipment and oil 
refining equipment and hulling equipment and other agricultural machinery to satisfy your needs. We hope to build a 
mutual beneficial business relationship with your esteemed company.
The quotation of our extraction machinery as follows:

1)Model 6YL-68
  Capacity: 0.8-1ton/24h.
  Power: 5.5kw
  Net  Weight: 140kg
  Packing Dimensions: 920*480*760

2) Model 6YL-80
   Capacity: 2-3ton/24h
   Power: 5.5kw
   Net Weight: 330kg
   Packing Dimensions(mm): 1370*570*1080

3) Model 6YL-95    
Capacity: 3-4ton/24h.
    Power: 7.5-11kw
    Net Weight: 620kg
    Packing Dimensions(mm):1940*700*780

4) Model 6YL-100
 Capacity: 4-5Ton/24h.
    Power: 7.5kw
    Net  Weight: 480kg
    Packing Dimensions(mm):1700*600*1130

5) 6YL-120
   Capacity: 6Ton/24h.
   Power: 15kw
   Net Weight: 650kg
   Packing Dimensions (mm): 1970*700*780

6) 6YL-80A Integrated oil press
     Capacity: 2-3Ton/24h
    Power:  5.5 +0.75kw
    Net Weight: 520kg
    Packing Dimensions(mm): 1420*635*1480 & 1135*530*520

7) 6YL-100A Integrated Oil press  
     Capacity: 5Ton/24h.
    Power: 7.5+1.1 kw
    Net Weight: 780kg
    Packing dimensions (mm): 2270*1100*1950 & 1170*660*760

8) LYZX18 Cold Press Expeller
    Capacity: 6-10Ton/24h(taking non-shell rapeseed as an example)
    Residual Oil Content in Cake: 4-13%
    Total Power: 27.2KW
    Net Weight: 3500KG
    Boundary Dimensions(mm): 3176*1850*2600 

9) 202-3 Screw Pre-press Expeller
     Capacity: 45-50Ton/24h(sunflower kernel or rapeseed serving as an example)
    Residual Oil Content in Cake: 13% approx(under normal conditions)
    Electric Motor: Y225-M-6,1000R.P.M.30KW.220/380V,50Hz
    Net Weight: 5500KG.approx
    Boundary Dimensions(mm): 2900*1850*3640

10) ZY283-3 Screw Pre-press Expeller
      Capacity: 140-460Ton/24h(sunflower kernel or rapeseed serving as an example)
     Residual Oil Content in Cake: 15-20%(under the normal conditions)
     Total Power: 55KW  15KW
     Net Weight: 9380KG.approx
     Boundary Dimensions(mm): 3708*1920*3843

11) Generator
 950 Generator
 3900 Generator
 7800 Generator
12) Peanut Sheller

Model 6B-180
 Capacity: 7.2 Ton/24h.
 Power: 1.5kw
 Net  Weight: 100kg
 Packing Dimensions: 1280*670*1200

Model 6BH-45
 Capacity: 12 Ton/24h.
 Power: 4kw
 Net  Weight: 380kg
 Packing Dimensions: 1200*990*2090

Model 6BH-65
 Capacity: 24 Ton/24h.
 Power: 7.5kw
 Net  Weight: 700kg
 Packing Dimensions: 2000*1400*3010

13) Rice Mill

14) Flour Mill

15) Combine Harvest

16) Tractor

17) The Complete Plant of Hulling Sesame Equipment
18) The Complete Plant of All Kinds of Oil Corps(Extraction and Refinery), 10MTPD-3000MTPD
19) The Complete Plant of Tomato Paste
If you want to get further information that you are interested in products, please send me 
the concrete request, I will do my best to supply you with the satisfying service with the 
competitive price.

I will appreciate you very much, if I can receive your reply.

Best regards 
Alisa Zhao
Anyang General International Trading Co., Ltd. 
Address: Jiefang Rd No.99,Anyang , Henan, China 
Tel:86-372-5953961   Fax:86-372-5951936 
E-mail:mach at e-century.com.cn 

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