use of rtc.c on chrp/prep?

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Fri Sep 2 04:47:36 EST 2005

On Sep 1, 2005, at 1:38 PM, Sven Luther wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 12:57:55PM -0500, Kumar Gala wrote:
>> Does anyone enable CONFIG_RTC on chrp/prep?  Tom tells me these are
>> the only platforms that it is even valid to do so on.
> The debian powerpc kernels enables :
>   $ grep RTC /boot/config-2.6.12-1-powerpc
> and not the CONFIG_RTC variant, and it works well on pegasos, and prep
> boxes,
> and probably on ibm chrps too, altough i have not tested personally.

Thanks, as far as I can tell no one is using CONFIG_RTC, which means  
I can "fix" asm-ppc/mc146818rtc.h to no longer #define RTC_IRQ 8

- kumar

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