Patches for 2.6.15

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Fri Oct 28 23:05:25 EST 2005

If anyone has patches for arch/ppc{,64} and include/asm-ppc{,64} that
they would like to see go upstream now that 2.6.14 is out, other than
patches that are already in the powerpc-merge tree, please let me
know.  I am planning to ask Linus to pull the powerpc-merge tree
shortly, and that will probably break your patches.

I think the merge tree is looking pretty good, although the merge is
by no means complete yet.  The powermac, pseries and iseries platforms
seem to be working fine with ARCH=powerpc.  32-bit chrp is mostly
there but needs a bit more work.

If possible, I'd like to get to the point where we can remove
arch/ppc64 entirely by the end of the 2-week merge window for 2.6.15.


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