PowerPC/Linux device driver question

Madhu Saravana Sibi Govindan ssshayagriva at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 05:56:21 EST 2005

Hello all,

I'm trying to write a device driver in linux on a PowerPC processor.
The device has been allocated a range of addresses in the physical
address space of the processor (IBM 440GP) - from 0x100000000 -
0x13fffffff. (FYI, the 440GP is a 32 bit processor using 36 physical
addresses, the processor's MMU appends the extra 4 bits to get a
36-bit physical address).

I'm not sure how to request this range of physical memory from the
kernel. I thought I could use ioremap to map this range into the
virtual space, but ioremap takes only an unsigned long as an argument,
which is only 32 bits on 440GP. I don't think I can represent the range of my
device with 32 bits.

Could someone tell me how to solve the problem? I want this range of
physical addresses to be associated with my device driver and how do I
do that?

Thanks in advance,

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