Parameter RAM Conflict of SCC1 SPI & Ethernet

shrisha.prasad at shrisha.prasad at
Wed Oct 19 15:09:43 EST 2005

Hi all,

The MPC862 UM Errata mentions that there is possiblity to solve 
ParameterRAM Conflict without a Microcode patch .
I am working on a SerialEEPROM SPI Driver for mpc862
 my driver needs to do is read the chip number from SPROM and calculate 
the MAC address 
The SPI  mpc8xx is interfaced to 9346 eeprom for this and I want to 
retrieve the MAC address 

The errata tells that no patch  required for relocation ,but using some 
trick you can avoid it

I am using the UBoot SPI Driver code for MPC8xx ,Do I need to modify the 
code in order to suit my requirements 

Since I am a newbie in kernel programming ,some help is requested .

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