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Simon Richter Simon.Richter at
Tue Oct 18 08:19:07 EST 2005


Paul Mackerras schrieb:

> Hmmm, probably should work off the merge tree.

Good, then I'll fast-forward them there.

> However, we decided at
> OLS that platforms would require a device tree before being merged.
> Have you looked at creating a suitable flattened device tree blob with
> dtc?  (If not, you can continue to compile with ARCH=ppc for now.)

In fact my current plan is to move away from m68k bootinfo (which APUS
borrows so you can use the same bootloader) towards a flattened dev tree
passed in from the bootloader. For that, however, we need a new
bootloader first, which is dependant on AmigaOS binutils/gcc.

So I guess it will be ARCH=ppc until the new bootloader is ready.

Should APUS still get a special treatment then, or should I try to
emulate enough of OF in the bootloader so it is possible to build CHRP
images that work on APUS?

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