pmd_alloc() usage incorrect?

Grant Grundler grundler at
Mon Oct 10 06:23:01 EST 2005

I stumbled across what looks like incorrect code in

static int __init dma_alloc_init(void)
        do {
                pgd = pgd_offset(&init_mm, CONSISTENT_BASE);
                pmd = pmd_alloc(&init_mm, pgd, CONSISTENT_BASE);
                if (!pmd) {

Doesn't pmd_alloc() want a pud_t * for the second parameter?
ie also need to call pud_alloc() or the equivalent.

I've very little clue how this works...just looking at different
bits of code in my quest to understand it well enough to enable
USE_HPPA_IOREMAP in include/asm-parisc/io.h.


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