immap with 8xx.

Ingo Hornberger ihornberger at
Wed Nov 30 01:39:47 EST 2005


I'm currently porting an old 2.4 kernel driver to 2.6.14. I got some
problems with the immap and idma stuff. The driver is very special and
uses it's own dma handling, because it's too different from the default.

So it strongly depends on the underlying hardware. (In this case 8xx)

With kernel 2.4 it used the headers:
- asm/commproc.h
- asm/8xx_immap.h

But it seems that there was some generalization work done, which didn't
reach the 8xx part. Particularly this means that some parts of
'asm/commproc.h' as well as (at least) 'asm/immap_8260.h' built up a new
header 'asm/immap_cpm2.h'.

Actally I miss a file like 'asm/immap_cpm1.h'.
If it would be the right solution to create a file like this, that's no
problem. I only wanted to make sure that I don't do duplicated work this


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