PowerBook5,8 - TrackPad update

Michael Hanselmann linux-kernel at hansmi.ch
Tue Nov 29 11:06:15 EST 2005

Hello Parag

> Attached is the code which takes care of above 3 - tested but it
> should be considered half baked for obvious reasons and

I hacked your code some more to make it work on my October 2005
PowerBook 1.67 GHz. The product ID I have, 0x0215, was in none of the
available drivers and the data format is somewhat different.

You find my hacked version attached -- be aware that in its current form
it will not work with any touchpad except 0x0215.

> in addition I added some relayfs write calls [...]

I wrapped them into #if's, so one is not required to have relayfs in the
kernel to use the driver.

> The code might break the existing (old) trackpads as the detection
> might not  be correct.

My changes do that definitively, but it's only a hack.

As far as I see it, all methods can be built into one driver. Is there
already someone working on combining them?


Gentoo Linux Developer using m0n0wall | http://hansmi.ch/
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