[PATCH] generate COFF zImage in arch/powerpc/boot

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Thu Nov 24 09:38:27 EST 2005

 On Thu, Nov 24, Paul Mackeras wrote:

> Olaf Hering writes:
> > It just died while uncompressing vmlinux. Some unaligned load.
> > So we either need a very simple byte by byte memcpy, or my version below.
> This should achieve the same effect and is quite a bit simpler.  Your
> version looks a bit strange - it copies 1-3 bytes to align the source
> pointer, then copies 1-3 bytes to align the destination pointer, then
> if the source pointer isn't aligned it goes back and tries again... :)

Maybe I miss the point, but if the src is unaligned, and we align it,
dest will change as well and may be unaligned?

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