[PATCH] powerpc: Merge align.c

Becky Bruce becky.bruce at freescale.com
Thu Nov 17 03:31:59 EST 2005

> >
> > The 603 is still in production? And is the upcoming 8641 exactly
> > the same as the 74xx series in this respect?
> 603 is used in all 82xx/83xx processors from Freescale. The 8641 is 
> the same core as 7448.

The differences between 603 and 603e wrt alignment exceptions, as far 
as I can tell, are:
- 603 does not take exception on misaligned LE accesses except for 
strings and multiples
- 603 takes an alignment exception on ecowx/eciwx, 603e does not
- 603 generates an alignment when a ld/st crosses a segment boundary 
and the T bit is different in the 2 segments

I should have listed these out above, sorry!

> >> - single and double precision floating point ld/st ops (non-E500, 
> non
> >> data size aligned)
> >
> > Hmm, you can load a double from any 4 byte aligned address AFAIR.
> This is only because every processor handles the misalignment for 
> you.  Its completely valid for someone to build a PPC that has an 
> alignment exception in this case.

You're right, I should have said "word-aligned", not "data size 
aligned".  While a load of a doubleword from a word aligned address is 
considered misaligned by the hardware, it doesn't generate an exception 
in any parts we have now that I know of.

> > However we do care about byte reversal instructions, which
> > probably believe like the corresponding normal instruction
> > (i.e., lwbrx has the same rules as lwzx, etc.)

Yep, they would work the same way, which for all of FSL's current parts 
would mean no exception.

> >
> >> - lwarx/stwcx (all procs)
> >
> > And ldarx/stdcx. on 64 bit, but these ones should not
> > be emulated. So it's easy ;-)
> >
> >> - multiple/string with LE set (750, 603e, 7450, 7400)
> >
> > Again LE mode is probably irrelevant.
> Agree with that. We dont support LE on classic.

Yep.  Just listed for completeness.

> >> - eciwx/ecowx (750, 7450, 7400)
> >
> > Have these instructions ever been used for something
> > under Linux?
> I dont believe so.

These guys are legagy - I don't think anyone uses them, and the 
alignment exception doesn't (and, IMHO shouldn't) care about them at 
all.   They're just listed here for completeness.

> >> - a couple of others related to vector processing
> >
> > Which ones? The Altivec load and store instructions
> > simply mask the low order bits AFAIR.
> SPE misalignment is something to look at.

I'll look into it when I have a moment to breathe......  There are 2 
conditions here that aren't currently handled (from the manual):
- SPFP and SPE instructions are not aligned on a natural boundary 
(defined by the size of the data element being accessed)
- physical address of certain evld/st instructions is not aligned on a 
64-bit boundary.
> >> If anybody knows offhand of something missing there, let me know.
> >
> > Nothing, but did you check when crossing a segment (256MB) boundary.
> > I seem to remember that some processors performed misaligned
> > load/store across pages but not across segments.

As far as I can tell, the only one that cares about segment boundaries 
is 603 (604, 604e, and 601 may care, but I don't consider those 
"current", and I don't have any working hardware).  And it only takes 
an exception if there's a difference in the T-bit across the segments.


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