Linuv 2.6.15-rc1

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sun Nov 13 09:31:06 EST 2005

> ucSystemType is a variable that is EXPORT_SYMBOL'ed but never used in 
> any way.
> _prep_type is a variable that is needlessly EXPORT_SYMBOL'ed.

Therse are old PREP stuffs

> But prep_init points to the real problem:
> CONFIG_PPC_PREP requires code from arch/ppc/platforms/, but this 
> directory is never visited.
> What is the correct fix?
> Migrate the code from arch/ppc/platforms/ to arch/powerpc/platforms/ ?

Yes, PREP need to be migrated, but that includes adding some minimum
device-tree support for it among others. And few people still have PREP
machines, I'm not even sure we have access to one here in ozlabs... I
think for 2.6.15, we'd better just disable it in .config for


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