[PATCH] ppc: add support for new powerbooks

Andrew Morton akpm at osdl.org
Thu Nov 10 17:29:45 EST 2005

Paul Mackerras <paulus at samba.org> wrote:
> > And, given the amount of shared infrastructure, I suspect it would have to
> > be a single git tree for both architectures.
> > 
> > I'd still sweep up random ppc patches, but those will go into mainline via the
> > originator->mm->git-powerpc->linus route.
> > 
> > Possible?
> Yes.  Good idea, in fact.  I'll create a powerpc.git tree once the
> current merge window closes.


> Do I need to grep the -mm releases for ppc patches or will you mail
> them to me?

If I see a ppc patch I will:

- merge it into -mm, add you guys to the cc on the mm-commits email.

- stage the patch after git-powerpc.patch in the -mm lineup.

- if I see the patch appear in git-powerpc.patch, I just drop it.  I sync
  with the git trees maybe twice per day.

- time passes

- if it still hasn't been merged into git-powerpc, I start spamming you
  with the patch.

So no, you don't need to grep -mm and I won't bypass the git-powerpc tree
and the patch won't get lost.  All you need to do is to either merge or
nack the patch at some stage.

Easy as pie ;)

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