[PATCH] ppc: add support for new powerbooks

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Nov 10 17:06:33 EST 2005

> Well yes, that's a generic problem with subsystem trees.  I suppose one
> could enforce processes which prevent it from happening.

I think the right process is to go through the linuxppc[64]-dev list(s)
first, maybe CC lkml when it's not strictly arch gore, and then hop from
there to -git. We also have a nice patch tracking system scanning those
lists, I suppose I need to fix my own habits of bypassing all of that
stuff :)

> OK, well please think about it.  It's not a ton of work at this end at
> present, but a) you lazy bums don't ack most of the things I cc you on, so
> it's rather open-loop and I don't know whether I'm merging wrong patches
> and b) there's now increasing potential for patches in -mm to clash with
> patches in Paul's git tree.
> The latter can be solved easily enough: I add Paul's git tree to the -mm
> lineup.

I think going through the -git tree always makes sense and I've doing
doing that for my own production, I'll route patches that I'm acking
that way too from now on.

I'm keeping the liberty of bombing you & linus directly when I think
it's an important bug fix late in the rc cycle though :)


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