AMCC440EP Boot Source

Steven Blakeslee BlakesleeS at
Wed Nov 2 03:43:59 EST 2005

> We are looking at the yosemite design but want a CF2 socket 
> for the OS 
> image.   Can U-Boot reside in the EEPROM accessible via I2C?  

Are you sure that the 440EP can run code from the EEPROM on the I2C?
The 440EP loads configuration information from the EEPROM on the I2C but
I don't know it can run code. 

> This would allow us to remove the flash entirely in favor of 
> the CF2 flash.  If yes, are there any drawbacks to this vs. 
> keeping a small bit of flash soldered to the board?

I'm pretty sure you need to have flash.  If you don't want the onboard
flash you can connect some through the PCI.

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