Booting the Linux/ppc64 kernel without Open Firmware HOWTO (v3)

Segher Boessenkool segher at
Tue May 24 17:50:30 EST 2005

> +/*
> + * The Open Firmware 1275 specification states properties must be 31 
> bytes or
> + * less, however not all firmwares obey this. Make it 64 bytes to be 
> safe.
> + */

Not true.  There is no restriction on the length of properties
(or property _names_, which I guess is what you meant).  There
is the 31-char restriction on _node_ names, though (and the node
name is only the part before the optional @ or : -- and at a
minimum, the part after @ but before : is needed to disambiguate
the node).

I didn't review the rest of the code, sorry.


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