[PATCH] Set cpu type explicitly, take 2

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at freescale.com
Sat May 21 00:59:54 EST 2005

On May 20, 2005, at 1:05 AM, Paul Mackerras wrote:

> Here is a revised version of my patch to set the cpu type explicitly
> for gcc when compiling the kernel.  Setting the cpu type is a good
> idea in any case, and particularly if you have a biarch gcc.  This
> sets the type for all of the ppc cpu families we support.
> Any further comments?  Are -mcpu=860 and -mcpu=8540 reasonable for 8xx
> and 85xx respectively?  I used -mcpu=power4 rather than -mcpu=970
> because the former works with gcc-3.6.6 as in debian and the latter
> doesn't.  Unfortunately -mcpu=440 doesn't work either in gcc 3.3,
> though it does in gcc 3.4 (as does -mcpu=970).

Yes, -mcpu=8540 is reasonable for 85xx.

- kumar

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