[U-Boot-Users] RFC: Booting the Linux/ppc64 kernel without Open Firmware HOWTO (#2)

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri May 20 16:59:31 EST 2005

In message <6fcc07be88e5091ac1428e9bbde6d92f at penguinppc.org> you wrote:
> > Maybe you want  to  post  the  RFC  to  lkml,  or  at  least  to  the
> > linux-arm-kernel and linux-mips mailing lists?
> As you observe, having multiple incompatible communication mechanisms 
> is an issue of u-boot code maintenance. Since you are the most affected 

No, it's vice versa. U-Boot has always been  just  implementing  what
the  kernel  does.  There are many other boot loaders around that all
have to adhere to the interface(s) imposed on them by the kernel.

> In the meantime, it sounds like this device tree stuff solves ppc64's 
> problem in a way the maintainers are happy with, so it's hard to ask 
> them to come up with a solution to a problem they don't have.

Well, actually nobody has problems:  the  ARM  and  MIPS  folks  have
working  solutions,  too.  The  next  architecture will implement yet
another way of passing information to the kernel,  implement  it  and
state that they will not accept any other solution, and so on.

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