[PATCH] Set cpu type explicitly, take 2

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Fri May 20 16:05:17 EST 2005

Here is a revised version of my patch to set the cpu type explicitly
for gcc when compiling the kernel.  Setting the cpu type is a good
idea in any case, and particularly if you have a biarch gcc.  This
sets the type for all of the ppc cpu families we support.

Any further comments?  Are -mcpu=860 and -mcpu=8540 reasonable for 8xx
and 85xx respectively?  I used -mcpu=power4 rather than -mcpu=970
because the former works with gcc-3.6.6 as in debian and the latter
doesn't.  Unfortunately -mcpu=440 doesn't work either in gcc 3.3,
though it does in gcc 3.4 (as does -mcpu=970).


diff -urN linux-2.6/arch/ppc/Makefile pmac-2.5/arch/ppc/Makefile
--- linux-2.6/arch/ppc/Makefile	2005-05-02 08:29:36.000000000 +1000
+++ pmac-2.5/arch/ppc/Makefile	2005-05-19 15:26:42.000000000 +1000
@@ -23,15 +23,20 @@
 LDFLAGS_vmlinux	:= -Ttext $(KERNELLOAD) -Bstatic
 CPPFLAGS	+= -Iarch/$(ARCH)
 AFLAGS		+= -Iarch/$(ARCH)
-CFLAGS		+= -Iarch/$(ARCH) -msoft-float -pipe \
-		-ffixed-r2 -mmultiple
+CFLAGS		+= -Iarch/$(ARCH) -msoft-float -pipe -ffixed-r2 -mmultiple
 CPP		= $(CC) -E $(CFLAGS)
 CHECKFLAGS	+= -D__powerpc__
-ifndef CONFIG_E500
-CFLAGS		+= -mstring
+cpu-opt-$(CONFIG_6xx)		+= -mcpu=750 -mtune=7450
+cpu-opt-$(CONFIG_40x)		+= -mcpu=405
+cpu-opt-$(CONFIG_44x)		+= -mcpu=440
+cpu-opt-$(CONFIG_POWER3)	+= -mcpu=power3
+cpu-opt-$(CONFIG_POWER4)	+= -mcpu=power4
+cpu-opt-$(CONFIG_8xx)		+= -mcpu=860
+cpu-opt-$(CONFIG_E500)		+= -mcpu=8540
+CFLAGS += $(cpu-opt-y)
 cpu-as-$(CONFIG_PPC64BRIDGE)	+= -Wa,-mppc64bridge
 cpu-as-$(CONFIG_4xx)		+= -Wa,-m405

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