2GB address space limit on 32-bit PowerPC Macintosh

Dan Malek dan at embeddededge.com
Tue May 17 07:02:27 EST 2005

On May 16, 2005, at 4:43 PM, Mark A. Greer wrote:

> I think I understand all of that.  I wasn't clear in my email.  I was 
> talking about "fixing" such that 3GB works (i.e., io_block_mapping are 
> above 3GB virt, if possible) not "fixing" such that we can get rid of 
> io_block_mapping altogether.  We still need io_block_mapping for 
> exactly the reasons you state.

I think I've seen hacks from you that temporarily set up BATs for 
serial console
access until the BAT is forcefully re-used later :-)  I just wanted to 
document the
issue for everyone, that breaking this is more than just a five minute 
fix and
test exercise (which may only further obfuscate a hack than actually 
anything) :-)


	-- Dan

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