[PATCH] ppc32: platform-specific functions missing from kallsyms.

Andrew Morton akpm at osdl.org
Tue May 3 11:37:33 EST 2005

David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org> wrote:
> The PPC32 kernel puts platform-specific functions into separate sections
>  so that unneeded parts of it can be freed when we've booted and actually
>  worked out what we're running on today. 
>  This makes kallsyms ignore those functions, because they're not between
>  _[se]text or _[se]inittext. Rather than teaching kallsyms about the
>  various pmac/chrp/etc sections, this patch adds '_[se]extratext' markers
>  for kallsyms.

Current kernels have fixes in exactly this area.  Please redo, retest, resend.

>  --- linux-2.6.11/arch/ppc/kernel/vmlinux.lds~	2005-05-01 10:43:10.000000000 +0100
>  +++ linux-2.6.11/arch/ppc/kernel/vmlinux.lds	2005-05-02 08:06:52.000000000 +0100

2.6.11?  Wow.

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