How to read/write in flash memories (MTD)?

Garcia Jérémie GARCIAJ at
Thu Mar 31 19:59:08 EST 2005

Although I'm a newbie in linux kernel development, I'm in charge of adapting a Montavista LSP to fit our hardware. In our platform, we use 2 AMD flash memories (AM29LV) in which one we would like to process read/write operations. So I'm looking for a way to do that. I saw that at compilation time, there is MTD item which seems to be created for that. But I guess activate that will not be enough to reach my objective.
Indeed, we are developping an application (in the user-space) which will initiate operation on the 2 flash memories. So, how can I access them from my application?
Please help me cause I'm getting lost in the linux sources....

NOTE: i'm using a powerPC 405EP


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