Newer laptops & CPU speed

Daniele Lacamera root at
Fri Mar 25 02:25:41 EST 2005

> Hi !
> It seems the new laptops are booting with CPU set to low
> speed. /proc/cpuinfo outputs the wrong fequency (thinks it's high 
> but bogomips shows that it's running at about half speed. This patch
> against 2.6.11 (will not apply on 2.6.10) adds proper cpufreq support 
> that the boot speed is recognized (fixing /proc/cpuinfo output) and so
> you can acutally use cpufreq interface & utilities to switch to full
> speed (I recommend powernowd).

> This is completely untested as I don't have access to any of those new
> models yet, so I'm waiting for some feedback before submitting 

> Ben.
[patch follows]

your patch seems to be working very well on my new 1.5GHz 12" pbook.
Bogomips more than doubled in /proc/cpuinfo, from about 700 to 1495.04.


Daniele Lacamera

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