mv64x60 updates

Mark A. Greer mgreer at
Tue Mar 8 04:24:15 EST 2005

Sven Luther wrote:

>I have appended a (slightly revised) version of the patch, which is against a
>saturday/sunday checkout of bk://, 
>which is what Mark and Dale are working on. Viewed like that the patch is
>against to really manageable size, altough it may need some fine-tuning. The
>rest of your comments probably apply to Dale's and Mark's work in the above
>tree though.

Hi guys.  I got in late today so I'm just reading this thread now.

I basically want to reiterate and expand on what Brian 
<linwoes at> stated.

The arch/ppc/syslib/mv64x60* code is really for embedded systems only.  
More accurately, its for systems whose firmwares don't do a good job of 
configuring the bridge or if you want to significantly change that 
configuration.  This ends up including many embedded systems but 
basically no "desktop"-like systems (e.g., ones with openfirmware) so 
that's why this thread should stay on linuxppc-embedded only.

Sven, et. al., your system has openfirmware and apparenly does a very 
good job of configuring the bridge so just ignore the mv64x60 stuff.  
You can use the platform_data code from there as an example of what 
needs to be passed into the enet driver (and mpsc & i2c & wdt, if you 
use them (and find all the patches :)).

If I missed something or you have any more questions, I'l be happy to help.


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