mv64x60 updates

James Chapman jchapman at
Mon Mar 7 23:30:19 EST 2005

Hi Nicolas,

A few general comments:-

- mv64x60 stuff is best posted to linuxppc-embedded

- you change several generic files to support your platform. It should
   be possible to support new mv64x60 platforms by writing a new
   xxx_setup.c file in arch/ppc/platforms with no other generic changes.
   It is a goal that all mv64x60 boards can be supported by the generic
   code in arch/ppc/syslib. If some changes need to be made outside
   arch/ppc/platforms to support your board, try to make them generic so
   that other similar boards would be able to use them. I suggest you
   clone chrp_setup.c or katana.c rather than adding conditionals in
   chrp_setup.c for your board. Then use code in your board specific
   setup file to call arch/ppc/syslib mv64x60 routines as appropriate.

- you shouldn't need to add board-specific changes in mv643xx_eth.c.
   Setup device platform data for your board in your platform file.
   If something needs to be added to the platform data for a generic
   change to mv643xx_eth, do that rather than add platform conditionals
   in the driver.

- why do you need to use SA_SHIRQ in the ethernet driver?


Nicolas DET wrote:

> Hello Sven,
> On 07/03/2005, you wrote:
>>But i hear Nicolas has done some useful work yesterday evening, i will
>>review it as soon as he is back from dreamland :)
> You can find the patch against 2.6.11 from here:
> This patch shouldn't break mv code for others platform (non PegasosII), and
> fix Pegasos II init...
> Basicly, I added mv64360_ispegasos2() in include/asm-ppc/mv64x60.h. Then:
> in arch/ppc/syslibs/mv64360_pic.c, I skip the IRQ init code
> in arch/ppc/syslibs/mv64x60.c, I skip all the chip init & patch the
> ressources tables for Pegasos II hardware (register base & IRQ).
> in include/asm-ppc/mv64x60.h: added mv64360_ispegasos2()
> in arch/ppc/kernel/chrp_setup.c, rename/added pegasos2_stuff() and call
> mv64x60_init() if CONFIG_MV64x60
> in drivers/net/mv64xx_eth.c, use SA_SHIRQ instead of SA_INTERRUPT for
> request_irq if pegasos II detected
> The only thing to do is to add mv64360_ispegasos2() in include/asm-mips/...
> because I use this function to use the correct flags in the ethernet
> driver.
> Of course, this patch may be discuss as there are several architecture
> using Marvell chipsets and each requieres some specific code.
> I don't know where it's the best to place mv64360_ispeasos2(), maybe this
> func could even be renamed mv64x60_ispegasos2()..
> Please, people from others MV64x60 architectures review this patch, modify
> if it neeeded and check it doesn't break your architecture (I shouldn't but
> for MIPS ethernet).
> Regards

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