750CXe rev 3.1 patch & Calibrated TAU patch

Nicolas DET det.nicolas at free.fr
Sat Mar 5 03:54:32 EST 2005


750CXe patch: http://powernico.free.fr/patch_750CXe_2.6.11
The 750CXe rev 3.1 is recognized has a 745/755. This small patch simply add
entry for this CPU. The properties are copy/paste from the "normal" 750CXe.
This problem has been pointed by the bPlan staff.
This CPU (750CXe rev 3.1, prv 0008 3311) is used on Pegasos I and Pegasos

Calibrated TAU: http://powernico.free.fr/patch_calibrated_TAU
Small patch which allow to set an "offset" to the temperature given by the
CPU. This way, cat /proc/cpuinfo will give a more useful information.
In the future, a dynamic offset though /proc or /sys would be better.

Nicolas DET
MorphOS & Linux developer

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