GCC4 fun.

Marc Leeman marc.leeman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 00:13:37 EST 2005

> scheduling while atomic: swapper/0x00000002/0
> Call trace:
>  [c0007620] dump_stack+0x18/0x28
>  [c01de704] schedule+0x678/0x67c
>  [c0004500] syscall_exit_work+0x108/0x10c
>  [c02a97b4] proc_root_init+0x168/0x174
>  [ff847288] 0xff847288
>  [c02945e8] start_kernel+0x144/0x170
>  [00003a30] 0x3a30

We have something similar with PPC 8245, I was planning to have a look
at it, but didn't get round to it. Since our system is crunching numbers
since yesterday evening without fault, I guess it's not that serious...

  greetz, marc
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