More dtc changes

Jon Loeliger jdl at
Fri Jun 17 07:36:56 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-16 at 16:15, Jerry Van Baren wrote:

> > And, um, rats.  So, I'm the victim of an aggressive
> > and anti-social IT Firewall poo-poolicy....  Or maybe I
> > am just being dumb and haven't Googled up the Right Magic.

Door number 3, I am dumb.

> > Is there a way to set an HTTP Proxy definition, flag,
> > parameter, environment variable, or other doo-dad that
> > will help me cg-pull/git-http-pull through my firewall?

> It ain't efficient and it is pull-only, but it works:

Good enough....

> $ cg-clone
> defaulting to local storage area
> 17:13:12 
> URL:
> [41/41] -> "refs/heads/origin" [1]
> progress: 40 objects, 59841 bytes

Hmmm... So, I tested this mess again.  This time, I did
NOT use our stupid SOCKS proxy, but rather the built-in
HTTP proxy foo sort of like this in an environment variable
sort of like this:

	setenv http_proxy http://$user:$password@$proxy_machine:$proxy_port
                894 % socksify cg-pull origin
        loeliger at sockspassword: 
        cg-pull: objects pull failed
                895 % cg-pull origin
        16:24:36 URL: [41/41] -> "refs/heads/origin" [1]
        FINISHED --16:24:48--

And then it just stupidly worked.

Pay no attention to my questions,

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