Getting ownership for various boards/platforms configs

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> Subject: Getting ownership for various boards/platforms configs
> One issue that comes up from time to time is knowing who to contact 
> about some of the various boards that are supported for PPC.  I've 
> suggested in the past that we create a MAINTAINERS file in 
> arch/ppc/platforms.  I've started with a list of all the _defconfigs 
> that we have and would like to see if we can get contacts for the 
> boards.  All this list is meant to be is a contact point.
> The following is the list, I'll keep a live copy at 
>  Once it 
> gets flushed 
> out I'll turn it into file that looks more like the toplevel 
> MAINTAINERS file.  If we dont have any owners for a board we can 
> discuss if support for it should be removed.  Please email me if you 
> feel you are the owner of any board/config.
> thanks
> - kumar

> gemini

I'll take this one.

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Rob Baxter
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