platform/board removal update

'Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho' aris at
Thu Jul 28 07:46:00 EST 2005

> 8xx_io/fec.c is still using v2.4's workqueue infrastructure but other than
> that its working fine. 
> The fix will be pushed upstream ASAP.
> BTW, we should schedule 8xx_io/fec.c for removal, but before that we ought to 
> test all supported PHY's on the new driver.
> Aris was talking to me about this on OLS. Aris, what are the PHY's not supported
> by Panto's driver again? We should build a list of those and ask around for
> testers.
I think that with Andy Fleming's PHY abstraction layer, the best thing to be done
is change fec_8xx to use this abstraction layer and then look for
testers. what you think?


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