platform/board removal update

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Tue Jul 26 23:01:36 EST 2005

> The following board/platforms are currently not building:
> apus
> gemini
> lite5200

lite5200 seems to be running into a pci.h issue between asm-ppc and  
linux.  Sent patch to akpm and gregkh to look at.

> prpmc750
> radstone_ppc7d

I've fixed up prpmc750 (include issue) and radstone_ppc7d (defconfig  

> rpxcllf
> TQM8260

the TQM8260 needs a slightly reorder of includes.  I'll push this  
change today.

All the other systems (apus, gemini, rpxcllf) were more effort than I  
was wanting to deal with.  I'll be sending a patch to list them as  
CONFIG_BROKEN and let the various board maintainers look at fixing  
them up.

- kumar

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