swap_dup: Bad swap file entry 00480020

Bogdan Antonovici bantonovici at priority.mb.ca
Mon Jul 25 23:16:24 EST 2005

Yes, it was. After some research on the previous message i realized that it run out of memory so i did mem=8M and it hasn't been crashed since then.
I still would like to understand why that swap code was run when the swapping wasn't activated at all.
Thank you.
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  On Fri, Jul 22, 2005 at 10:46:38AM -0500, bogdan antonovici wrote:
  > Hi Dan,
  > I checked the driver code. I found a pointer that was in my opinion
  > initialized too late and i corrected that but other than that i haven't
  > found anything.
  > I ran the driver alone, enabling the interrupts and the interrupt
  > routine doesn't cause any trouble.
  > I started my application and i haven't seen any sign of trouble.
  > But once i started also the snmpd after few interrupts i got the
  > message:
  > __alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x1d2/0)
  > VM: killing process sectionmond

  Thats a different problem: you ran out of memory and the VM can't swap
  out any data.

  So its likely that the pagetable corruption is gone (it was indeed a bug
  in the driver as Dan suspected).

  > sectionmond being my application.
  > My read and write driver operation are requesting a page for a buffer
  > but they also release it. Should i declare the buffer pointer with
  > volatile attribute?
  > Do you know what may cause that message?

  Out of memory condition.
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