swap_dup: Bad swap file entry 00480020

Bogdan Antonovici bantonovici at priority.mb.ca
Fri Jul 22 04:14:12 EST 2005

I wasn't so worry about the driver because the same driver worked with a different application without seeing these kind of messages or oopses.
Dan, from your answer i understand that the swap code discovers a corruption in tables but why is swap code run when swap wasn't activated?
I will try to have a look on the driver code.

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  On Jul 21, 2005, at 11:29 AM, bogdan antonovici wrote:

  > At the time of swap messages i was running a proprietary driver, my
  > application and few daemons.

  Looks like your driver may have written over some of the page
  tables in the kernel space.

  > I look on the net for some clues but it's quite confusing, i noticed
  > many emails on swap_dup/swap_free error messages but i couldn't figure
  > out what should i search for.

  Those messages are likely due to a bug with swapping to disk
  that has been in some 2.4 kernels, but I don't believe that is
  the case here, since you don't have a disk or swapping enabled.

  -- Dan

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