atkbd_init lockup with 2.6.11-rc1

Olaf Hering olh at
Sat Jan 29 06:00:52 EST 2005

 On Fri, Jan 28, Olaf Hering wrote:

> My IBM RS/6000 B50 locks up with 2.6.11rc1, it dies in atkbd_init():
> Calling initcall 0xc03c272c: atkbd_init+0x0/0x38()
> ps2_init(224) swapper(1):c0,j4294680939 enter
> atkbd_connect(793) swapper(1):c0,j4294680993 type 1000000
> serio_open(606) swapper(1):c0,j4294681061 enter
> serio_set_drv(594) swapper(1):c0,j4294681117 enter
> serio_set_drv(600) swapper(1):c0,j4294681176 leave
> i8042_write_command(69) swapper(1):c0,j4294681236 enter
> i8042_write_data(62) swapper(1):c0,j4294681236 enter
> serio_open(614) swapper(1):c0,j4294681363 leave0
> atkbd_probe(497) swapper(1):c0,j4294681421 enter
> ps2_command(91) swapper(1):c0,j4294681478 enter
> ps2_sendbyte(57) swapper(1):c0,j4294681534 enter
> serio_write(95) swapper(1):c0,j4294681591 write c01b65ac
> i8042_aux_write(253) swapper(1):c0,j4294681658 enter
> i8042_write_command(69) swapper(1):c0,j4294681720 enter
> i8042_write_data(62) swapper(1):c0,j4294681720 enter

If I remove this patch from 2.6.10-bk12, it works again. 
No drivers were changed, I see lots of "mm" which is scary.
Any takers?
.config contains just enough to get to the atkbd_init() function.

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