[PATCH] ppc32: pmac sleep support update

Andreas Schwab schwab at suse.de
Thu Jan 20 08:49:11 EST 2005

Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh at kernel.crashing.org> writes:

>> With all your patches applied I'm getting an oops during wakeup inside
>> pci_bus_read_config_word on my iBook/G3.  Call trace: pci_set_master,
>> pci_device_resume, resume_device, dpm_resume, device_resume,
>> pmac_wakeup_devices, pmu_ioctl, sys_ioctl.
> It would be useful to get some more infos, what is the actual oops text
> (what error), and if you could add some printk's to figure out what is
> the culprit PCI device, that would be useful as well...

I was unable to reproduce the exact oops I got yesterday.  Now I'm getting
a heap of oopses scrolling by, ending with a panic due to killing
interrupt handler, without any way to capture them.


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